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Scott Anderson

Associate Professor Art & Design

Art Porgram Coordinator



Born in Edinburgh, Scotland he has strong family ties, spending vacations at North Berwick where his family have art studios and run the Pitclay Gallery. Scott co-authored A Visual Language; Elements of Design with his father David Cohen, a renowned ceramic artist who recently completed his second book The Basics of Throwing.


I completed my MFA in drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art (Scotland) in 1999. I taught art and design while working as a production potter in Portland, Oregon before moving to Massachusetts in 2004. I also taught in Scotland for seven years, developing my experience and passion for teaching art and design.


“It’s important for the student to understand, apply and experiment with visual language. Through this both student and teacher can reach a place for clear discussion and critique of the work. We develop a language through which to research, develop and realize ideas visually”.  


Scott organizes a study abroad program with CCCC credit called Drawing and Writing in Scotland in June 2009.

Philippe Lejeune     Adjunct Art teacher

Studio Art I /  Hybrid Drawing I /  Painting / video blogging








Born in France. I study art at "L'ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs" in Paris a long time ago... I study "Printmaking." Our guest lecturer was  Jacques Frélaut who was the most knowlagable printmaker  at the time - he was Picasso /Chagall personal printmaker technician... 

After my studies I spent two years working in an "Atelier de Taille douce" (printmaking studio) in Paris where I was printing Artist's limited addition ...

What I learn the most there was about Colors! We had to re-produce colors samples from the artist proof in big quantities in order to print the edition. mixing colors all day long became a second nature...

I met there The Well knowed Illustrator Jean Michel Folon who invited me to work as a collaborator. I spent my next seven years in a small village near Fontainebleau working for Folon doing all his etchings. Folon major show was at the "Met" in N.Y. in 1990 and I had the privilage to have some of my "aquatint" etching exhibited at the MET!!!!

I went on to do my own etchings  which were published by John Cavaliero N.Y. for several years. In 1987 I decided to explore new technics in painting/sculpture/installations... which brought me to become much more involved in contemporary issues. In 1997 I made the mistake to start playing with a computer! created with some help my first website... and here I am 12 years later becoming obsessed with the new virtual technology... but guess what?

Nothing has changed! These are just images after all.


I teach @ Cape Cod Community College for the last 10 years.

a Drawing class Hybrid (half online)

a video blogging class Hybrid

a studio Art I class & a painting class in the summer





Sara David Ringler