Sell your artwork this summer

email from cccc's art department ~ Scott Anderson

Dear All,

I wanted to give you all the heads up about a very exciting opportunity to sell and showcase your work and the Art program at CCCC this summer. Melissa Hersh, Arts & Culture Coordinator for the town of Barnstable, has offered faculty at CCCC the opportunity to 'occupy' one of their artists shanties this summer for a week. You would be able to exhibit and sell your work from the shanty. You would need to be there during opening times but if there were a few of you taking part you could figure out a rotation. Please see the info below.

Please contact Melissa for more information and remember to copy me on this. If we get a few of you to participate I would like to discuss how the CCCC Art Program might have a 'publicity presence' at the event. As I understand it this is a free offer of exhibition space, at a primo location, in the summer, on the Cape! You can't beat that!

Let me know if you're interested.
Thanks. Scott.

Here is the history:
In 2005, the Town designed and built a boardwalk and installed seven artist shanties to serve as affordable studio and gallery space for local artists and artisans. The response to the Harbor your Arts (HyA) Program was overwhelmingly positive by the arts community, residents and visitors. Through generous funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, and the Barnstable County Economic
Development Council, over 60 artists have enjoyed increased sales and recognition by participating in the HyA Program. In a recent survey of participating artists, all gave the Program the highest possible rating of "very good". Awareness of HyA and favorable press also continues to grow every year.  Cape Cod Life listed Harbor your Arts as a "must see" in its annual Absolute Best to See and Do issue for 2008. 
We are pleased to offer one week in June or September to Cape Cod Community College Art Department.  All pieces must be original work from the artists; hand made and unique, and any items not approved during the jury process must be approved by the Town prior to selling in the shanty. Items for sale CANNOT include t-shirts, food, or products boughtor acquired for resale only.
In 2009, the shanties will be open from June through September, hours are from 11AM-8PM June-Labor Day and from 11AM-5PM in September. 
Because the Town receives grant funding from a variety of sources to operate the HyA Program, we are required to document the success of the Program. We would request that the group of artists exhibiting in the Cape Cod Community College shanty for the week to submit the number of sales, number of visitors, and revenues in dollars.  These reports are maintained by the town only to track the
success of the program. 
Melissa Hersh | Arts and Culture Coordinator | 508-862-4767 | Town of Barnstable |Growth Management Department|






New Generation of Content Producers will move from Silly to Profound, MIT’s Henry Jenkins Predicts

from Beet.TV

Looking at clips on YouTube, Google Video, video blogs and various video aggregation sites, we find lots of sophomoric humor and some just plain asinine behavior. Is the face of community content really going to be so silly? Are the young people being empowered with video and these new content sharing platforms going to use these powerful tools to create so much light-weight fare?

MIT’s Henry Jenkins, who heads the Comparative Media Studies Program, believes that what we’re seeing with young people is just the beginning of a new way of communicating. He calls what’s happening at social networking sites “playing with information,” and says that the MySpace generation will grow up to use those valuable tools to have a profound impact on how they communicate about more important things like politics.

We also believe that young people will soon produce thoughtful, powerful content that will impact society. It’s an inevitable progression – and we looking forward to seeing it.

- - Andy Plesser






YouTube Founder Compares Online Video To Nascent TV Market

A Brave New World 

The Future of Managing Content

by Michael Arrington on October 16, 2008  on TechCrunch


YouTube Cofounder Chad Hurley spoke at the MIPCOM Conference in Cannes, France yesterday.


In the talk, which is transcribed below, Hurley compares the current state of online video to the nascent years of television. In 1941, he says, “CBS has just launched its new television network amidst cries that it means the death of radio.” Advertisers were hard to come by. Content owners were afraid of alienating their existing audiences. etc.






DIY DAYS - Boston 10.3 and 10.4

DIY DAYS is coming to Boston

This event is FREE thanks to Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Professional and Continuing Education, From Here to Awesome and the Workbook Project


DIY DAYS - fund :: create :: distribute :: sustain
How do we sustain ourselves as filmmakers and storytellers in this day of shifting film distribution systems? How do we monetize our film and get the word out without studio support? Presented by MassArt, From Here to Awesome and The Workbook Project - DIY DAYS aims to answer these questions with a day of roundtable discussions and workshops: A look at how to fund, create, and distribute and sustain.






Metlife Foundation National Arts Forum Series

RenGen: Renaissance Generation



Metlife Foundation National Arts Forum Series

Date: Thursday, October 2, 2008
Time: 8:00am - 10:00am, registration starts at 7:30am
Breakfast is provided

Author and cultural analyst Patricia Martin will present insights based on her new book, RenGen: Renaissance Generation--The Rise of the Cultural Consumer and What It Means to Your Business.
Click here to read Pat Martin's Interview in the New York Times

In this presentation, Patricia Martin points the way for a new cadre of market leaders facing challenges such as:

  • How do I speak to a broader audience when customers want to be treated as individuals?
  • How do I build community when competition is ever more intense?
  • How do I forge relationships with diverse audiences in a culture undergoing gale force change?