Welcome to CCCC Visual and Performing Arts Program

Arts & Communications Department Mission Statement

The students art and design education is our first priority. Using innovative teaching approaches we expand creative learning experiences, skills and employability. Whether the goal is transfer to baccalaureate, technical and career programs, build skills for a rapidly changing global economy or provide the educational freedom to explore areas of art and design we deliver an exceptional range of courses that make the student's experience both productive and successful.


Reasons students choose to study Art and Design at Cape Cod Community College



Students have a goal to achieve their Associate in Arts with a concentration in either Visual Art or Graphic Design and receive transfer credits in preperation for transferring to a four year university or college. Transfer students know about the high quality of education they receive at CCCC and how well prepared they are to succeed at a higher level. Students at CCCC know about the value for money they are getting by achieving their Associate in Arts. Students know that they're clearer and more committed in their educational goals, understanding that their experiences at CCCC has enabled them to make more informed decisions about their career path.

Interested in Art and Design:


Some students are passionate about art and design and have clear career goals, some may be trying an art calss for the first time, some want to update their skills or simply enjoy the experience of being in a studio with a group of like minded individuals who are enthusiastic to learn and share their interests.

The wonderful range of courses we offer enables students to develop their interests across a broad range of courses and mediums and experience different teaching approaches by our well qualified and experienced faculty.

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